Thelme Follow & Retweet Campaign

On Twitter@persianized_kenFrom those who followed and retweeted the target tweet, one person will receive one of their favorite terme from the target product by lottery.

What is Terme?

Thereme was born in the Safavid period and is still a popular luxury cloth in Iran and around the world, and is one of the representative traditional crafts of Persia.

Traditional Persian art is expressed in precise weaving.

It has a lining and excellent durability, making it ideal for everyday use such as tablecloths and sofa covers.

Campaign details

【How to participate】
 @persianized_kenFollow & retweet tweets from this campaign.

【Target Audience】
During the period,@persianized_kenIf you follow and retweet tweets targeted by the campaign, you will be eligible.

* If your Twitter account is deleted at the time of winning, or if you are unfollowed, you will not be eligible for the lottery.
* If you keep your Twitter account private, you will not be able to confirm the retweet, so you will not be eligible to apply.

From Saturday, February 20, 2021 to Thursday, February 25

■Winning Announcement: Within 2 days of the end of the campaign, the winners will be announced via Twitter direct message.

■How to give gifts: We will mail it to you.

【Eligible Products】
After the campaign ends, we will send you a winning guide by DM, and it will be one terme that you have selected from the target items.

Please check the target item from this page.

List of eligible items


* For details, we will inform the winners by direct message on Twitter. In the message, we will guide you to this target product list page and a form to register the necessary information for gift shipment, so please complete the procedure within 2 days from the delivery date.