I hope Japan will be the active place for Iranian designers. New line,feat.Persia start!

Hello! Today's New Line.偉業。ペルシャHere's a introduction.

偉業。ペルシャThe work of the Iranian resident designer and a collaboration line with PERSIAN TAG,I hope Japan will be the active place for Iranian designers.PERSIAN TAG started with the idea of TAG.

This time, such a feat. Let me tell you why Persia was born, and the feat. Let me tell you what we think of our store through Persia.

  1. 1. feat. Background Persia was born
  2. - The hard lives of the people due to the economic downturn
  3. - Freedom of Restricted Expression
  4. 2) What we can do.
  5. - Return sales to designers lasting.
  6. - Providing a freely expressable place.
  7. 3) This is a designer's introduction.
  8. - ゴルヌーシュ・ナハバンディ
  9. - ネダ・タバレイ
  10. - ロクサナ・ヴァリ・シャリアット
  11. 4. I hope Japan will be the place for Iranian designers


feat. See Persia's merchandise

feat. Background Persia was born

- The hard lives of the people due to the economic downturn


As of June 2020, Iran's economy is very disruptive.

The main cause is the United States, and many countries around the worldeconomic sanctions on Iran

Iran has been very restricted from economic activity due to the effects of sanctions, and the economy within Iran has been very sluggish in recent years.

When you talk about economic sanctions, read it in the note article below, so read it in time.

Why, how, and what economic sanctions Iran has?
read articles

Damage to the Iranian people that economic sanctions give.
read articles


And the lives of the Iranian people are also affected.

Prices have soared due to a sharp Iranian currency crash.

The economy is sluggish, so salaries are not up,The lives of the people are getting tougher.


price transition in irania


And even if the domestic economy is tough,Let's go abroad! It's not easy.

Economic sanctions also prohibited transfers to Iran, and could not use payment services such as credit cards and PayPal,It is difficult to work with foreign companies.

- Freedom of Restricted Expression


Also, the political situation in Iran is very special, with the former, the country, operating in politics that follows religious rules.

Therefore, it is prohibited by law to contradict religious rules, among themregulation of behavior involved in 'outgoing'There are few.

It is not a criticism of the religion itself, and it is necessary in society, even in terms of regulation.free outgoing under free ideaBut I believe that it is often possible to create a more attractive society.

what we can do

In this situation, we will carry out the following efforts through this new line, the feat. Persia.

1. Return sales to designers permanently.

feat. In Persia, as long as you all buy items,System of permanently reducing some of sales to Iranian resident designersIt is adopting.

Since direct remittances from Japan cannot be due to sanctions, they operate, and are the source of the cooperation of partners with accounts within Iran.

The economic downturn in Iran is not a situation that can be read as far as it can be said.

That's why.Based on the relatively stable Japanese yen, I want to support the designer's activities by keeping the design's fees permanently, not single-shot.Think of it as .

2.The provision of a freely expressable field.

Fortunately, Japan has fewer regulations on expression compared to Iran, and it is possible to sell items of various designs.

So I'm gonna have toMore freely, it is a place where you can express your desires and messages through itemsProvides as .


feat. See Persia's merchandise

The introduction of the designer

The designers who collaborate this time are the three people below.

- Golnoosh Nahavandi (Gornoosh Nahavandi)
- Neda Tavallaie (Nedda Tavalaier)
- Roxana vali shariat (Roxana Vali Shariat)

Golnoosh Nahavandi (Gornoosh Nahavandi)


Golnoosh is a designer who is well-known for pop art, mixing classics and moderns.

It's a Western culture, but it's a pop art.In fact, pop art is popular in Iran.

This is the item using Gornouch art, which revives long-standing Persian art as pop art and sends Persian art beauty to the world through Instagram and exhibitions.

Golnooshによるペルシャの目 / ¥3,000


ポルシェはゴルノシュによってペルシャと会う / ¥3,000


Neda Tavallaie (Neda Tavallaie)


Neda, who is one of the best arts and education institutions in Iran, is a lecturer at Tehran University of the Arts and conducts research and creation of Persian art as a professional artist.

hermodern persian typographyHer pop art, based on it, is the only intact style, and is also loved by many in Iran.

ネダの小さな恋人 / ¥3,000

ネダの私の夢 / ¥3,000 


Roxana vali shariat (Loxana Vali Shariat)

 - インスタグラム

Designer Isfahan, who was a man of great interest in minimalist and pop illustrations.

feat. In Persia, in IranThe design of a woman who is hard to originate in a large way is motifed by the social characteristicsDeploying items using them.

ロクサンと何でも着る / ¥3,000  ¥2,000

Now on limited sales!

ロクサンとイランに来て / ¥3,000 


There are currently collaborative items with three designers.

Now that you are going to collaborate with new designers from time to time, please please please please.


feat. See Persia's merchandise


Japan wants to be a place for Iranian designers

PERSIAN TAG, both in the corner, is a limitation of activity and activity in the Iranian home country.This is where Japan is the active place of Iranian designers.I think so.

Everyone buys the sales money you have bought.Without any group, I was directly reduced to a designer in IranIn this way, the economy of Iran is very powerful, and above all,It is a power of the people of Iran who love to welcome foreign tourists with their hospitalityI hope that you can do it.

If you have a sympathy for this idea, I hope you can support it in the form of buying products.


feat. See Persia's merchandise


If you have any opinions or questions about your efforts, please contact me with care.


June 27, 2020
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