I want Japan to become an active place for Iranian designers.feat.Persia.

Hitoday is new line.・feat. PersiaIt is the introduction of the.

feat. PersiaIn a collaboration line with PERSIAN TAG with works by Iranian-based designers、"I want Japan to become a place for Iranian designers」It started with the idea of PERSIAN TAG.

This time, such feat. Why Persia was born, and feat. Please let us talk about our thoughts through Persia.

  1. 1. feat. Background where Persia was born
  2. - The hard life of the people due to the economic downturn
  3. - Restricted freedom of expression
  4. 2. What we can do
  5. - Permanently return sales to designers
  6. - Providing a place where you can express yourself freely
  7. 3. Introduction of the designer
  8. - Golnoosh Nahavandi
  9. - Neda Tavallaie
  10. - Roxana vali shariat
  11. 4. I want Japan to become an active place for Iranian designers


feat. See the products of Persia

feat. Background where Persia was born

- The hard life of the people due to the economic downturn

Street of Isfahan

As of 2020, Iran's economy is in extreme turmoil.

The main reason is that many countries in the world, led by the United StatesEconomic sanctions on Iran

Iran's economic activity is very limited by the impact of sanctions, and Iran's domestic economy has been very sluggish over the past few years.

We have compiled the story of economic sanctions in the note article below, so please read it when you have time.

Why and how is Iran under any economic sanctions?
> > Read the article

Economic sanctions damage the Iranian people.
> > Read the article


And it has also affected the lives of the Iranian people.

Prices skyrocketed due to the sharp collapse of the Iranian currency.

the economy is sluggish, so your salary doesn't go up.、People's lives are getting tougher.


Price changes in Iran


moreover, just because the domestic economy is tough、Let's go overseas!It is also not easy.

Economic sanctions also prohibited money transfers to Iran, and payment services such as credit cards and PayPal were not available、It is also difficult to work with foreign companies.

- Restricted freedom of expression

Iranian woman

In addition, the political situation in Iran is very special, and the country is operated under politics according to religious rules.

Therefore, it is prohibited by law to violate religious rules, among whichRegulation of behavior related to"transmission"It is not too few.

We do not criticize the religion itself, and of course there are times when"regulation" is necessary in society、Free dissemination based on free ideasHowever, I believe that it is often necessary to create a more attractive society.

What we can do

In this situation, this new line, feat. Through Persia, we will implement the following initiatives:

1 . Permanently returning sales to designers

feat. At Persia, as long as you purchase the item、A system that permanently returns a portion of sales to designers living in IranIt is also used as a tool to improve the quality of life of a person.

Since direct remittances from Japan are not possible due to the effects of sanctions, we operate under the cooperation of partners with accounts in Iran.

The economic downturn in Iran, unfortunately, is not a situation that can be read as far as it can be said at all.

For that reason、Based on the Japanese yen, which is relatively stable, we would like to support the activities of designers by continuing to back the royalties of design permanently rather than single-shot.We believe that we are the best in the world.

2. Providing a place where you can express yourself freely

Fortunately, Japan has fewer restrictions on expression compared to Iran, and it is possible to sell items of various designs.

For that reason, our shopA place where you can express your feelings and messages through items more freelyWe will provide you as a customer.


feat. See the products of Persia

Introduction of the designer

The following are 3 designers who will collaborate this time.

・Golnoosh Nahavandi)
- Neda Tavallaie)
- Roxana vali shariat)

Golnoosh Nahavandi)


Golnoosh is a pop art designer who mixes classic and modern.

pop art is a very western culture、In fact, pop art is also popular in Iran.

The collection using the art of Gornush, which is reviving Persian art with a long history as pop art and transmitting the beauty of Persian art to the world through Instagram and exhibitions, is here.

Eye of Persia

Eye of Persia


porsche meets persia

Porsche meets Persia


Neda Tavallaie)


Neda is a lecturer at Tehran University of the Arts, one of the best art institutions in Iran, and a professional artist who studies and creates Persian art.

herContemporary Persian typographyHer pop art style is unique, and she is loved by many people in Iran.


Little sweetheart

Little sweetheart


My dream

My dream


Life is sweet

Life is sweet


Roxana vali shariat)

 - Instagram

A designer living in Isfahan who specializes in minimalist and pop illustrations.

feat. in persia, in iranA design with a motif of a woman that is difficult to transmit in a large scale due to its social characteristicsYou can use the following command to expand the item.

Wear whatever you want


Shut up & come to Iran

Shut up & come to Iran


We are currently developing collaboration items with the above 3 designers.

We will continue to collaborate with new designers from time to time, so please look forward to it.


feat. See the products of Persia


I want Japan to become an active place for Iranian designers

In iran, there are some restrictions on activities, such as PERSIAN TAG, on the corner and the rabbit.、I want Japan to become a place where designers living in Iran can play an active role.I think that.

the sales proceeds that you have purchased、Direct return to designers living in Iran without going through any organizationThe economy of Iran, and more than anything like me, with little power byTo become the power of the beloved Iranian people who welcome foreign tourists with their own hospitalityWe hope that you will be able to enjoy our products and services in the future.

By all means, if you can sympathize with this thought, we would be happy if you can support in the form of purchase of products.


feat. See the products of Persia


* If you have any comments or questions about our efforts, please feel free to contact us.


June 27, 2020