Garam curl is now on sale!


This time, we have started handling new Garam curls.♪

Garam curl is a popular traditional craft of Isfahan, which is also called Persian chintz in Japan and is made by hand-painting various Persian style patterns on plain weave cloth.


Can be used for tablecloths


It is a convenient cloth product with many uses, such as for picnics.♪


Garam curlHighly durable and washableTherefore, it is very easy to use and is a very popular craft as a souvenir from Iran!

There are infinite patterns in the design, and the colorfully colored designs with Persian patterns are really mesmerizingly cute.♡


So, this time it's a good idea, so I will introduce what Garam curl is and how it is made ^ ^

This photo is taken from this video, so if you have time, please take a look at the video as well.♪


How to make a galam curl

First, weave the fabric.

Garam curl fabric

The fabric is basically cotton.

If it is cheap, cotton + poly chemical fiber may be used, but the ones handled by PERSIAN TAG are100% cotton woven entirely in IsfahanSo don't worry♪


Next, cut the dough to size and make fringes by hand.

Garam curl fringe


After that, the ink fixing power is improved by rubbing with water.

Garam curl water massage


After that, let it dry in the sun to complete the dough!

Garam curl drying


Next is the printing process.

Garam curl is made by manually stamping stamps made by carving wood one by one and adding patterns.


Carefully carve the wood ...

Garam curl stamp manufacturing process


I will make a stamp. It's a craftsmanship!

Garam curl stamp


Then add ink to the stamp ...

Garam curl stamps and inks


I will carefully print one by one.

How to print Garam curl


When the first color is finished, another color is printed on it ...

Garam curl second color


I will add more colors.

Garam curl 3rd color


After printing, dry in the sun!

Garam curl drying process


After that, by steaming or simmering with dye, it will be colored and the ink will be fixed as a whole, so it is very durable and can be washed in a washing machine! (It is recommended to put the laundry in the net)

Garam curl dyeing


In this way, each one is carefully hand-made and then put on the market.♪


Directly imported from the authentic workshop

At PERSIAN TAG, such a galam curl is the home of Isfahan.This workshopWe import directly from and sell it ^^

There is also a quality certification stamp on the back of all products♡

Quality certification stamp

Currently, due to the influence of Corona, the number of flights from Iran is very small, and the next arrival is undecided. (It took about two months to arrive in Japan again ...)

In addition, each one wins as soon as possible, so please do so as soon as possible!


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