Hartham Curley is now on sale!

We have started handling Hartam Kali, one of the most popular traditional crafts in Iran!


Hartamkraki is an inlay made by fitting a small decoration made of wood, camel bones, metal, shells, etc. into a mount.

The geometric patterns delicately crafted by the artisans create a beautiful Oriental atmosphere.


Handmade by Iranian artisans

Hartamkly is basically handmade by Iranian craftsmen in most processes.

The basis of the fine patterns are materials such as wood processed into colorful elongated rods.


If you carefully glue it one by one ...


Such a pattern is completed.♪


Slice it thinly like Kintaro candy...


Colorful, decorative sheet is completed! !


This decoration sheet is stitched together like a puzzle.


I put it in the base of the base base ...



※Image source:MEHR NEWS AGENCY

In this way, Hartam Carly is made full use of skilled skills by craftsmen and finishes them one by one with their hands.

When you go to Iran, you can see various term curly products such as accessory case, painting frame, backgammon table, etc.♪


Deploying in 4 sizes

It is such a Hartam curly, but this time I prepared a accessory case that is easy to use on a daily basis in four sizes.

Versatile Square Type (M)

Large Square (L)

Horizontal type perfect for pen cases, etc.

The shape is cute! Hexagon type

Drawer-shaped detailed top art that attracts the eye

All the basics will be one point, so please look for your favorite Hartam Carly by all means♪


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