I started a notebook type case♪


This time, we have added a new notebook type case that has received many requests to the lineup.♪

So this time, I will introduce the features of the notebook type case!

Eight pockets for storage ◎

Notebook type case pocket

Inside, there are a total of 8 pockets, 6 card pockets and 2 inner pockets, and storage is perfect.

When you put 6 cards in the card pocket, it will bulge a little, but the magnet on the belt firmly suppresses the bounce.

When storing 6 cards

In addition, the magnet uses a weak magnetic force, which makes it difficult for IC cards to be affected!

Compatible with Android as well as iphone!

The case is not a type that fits a smartphone, but a type that sticks to an adhesive gel sheet, and can be used with many models including Android regardless of the camera position.

Development view of the case

Easy to set! Simply peel off the transparent film on the adhesive sheet and stick your smartphone on it.♪

With a smartphone attached

The adhesive sheet is a type that can be pasted and peeled off, so it can be re-pasted many times.

Also, if the adhesive becomes weaker, wash it with water to restore the adhesive strength!


Also, although there is no camera hole in the case, you can use the camera with the case attached by folding the case backwards when taking pictures.♪

When using the camera



Three types of case sizes are available, S / M / L, so please choose the size that suits your model.♪

Notebook type case size list

* Be careful of the camera position!

Camera position

Models with a camera or fingerprint authentication part in the middle of the back of the smartphone may interfere with the adhesive sheet.

If there is a risk that your model will interfere, please feel free to contact us as we will verify as much as possible and reply if you contact us ^ ^

The texture is also ◎ with shrink leather style embossing

Even though I bought a notebook type case, there may be some people who have a bitter experience of "something cheap ...".

The material of this case is synthetic leather, but the shrink leather-like embossing gives it a nice texture, making it difficult to feel cheap.♪


The price is 3,700 yen for S and M and 4,000 yen for L, which is the same price range as other cases.

If you are looking for a notebook type case, please consider it.♪


Look at the notebook type case