[Finished] launch commemoration! First order acceptance campaign! 【5/13-5/19】

First campaign

As a commemoration of the launch of PERSIAN TAG, the first order acceptance campaign is started!

Eligible for orders from 6pm on May 13 to full on May 19♪

Campaign Details

1. 500 yen out of all items!

All items handled by PERSIAN TAG are 500 yen off!

No matter how many pieces you buy, everything is 500 yen! !


500 yen out of 1 piece purchase!

1,000 pulls by purchasing 2 pieces! !

50,000 yen out of 100 pieces purchasedIs!!!!!! ←


2. Stickers of all designs of PERSIAN ART GALLERY will be attached!

To be released this time "PERSIAN ART GALLERYThe collection is a sampling of tile art such as Mosques in Iran, and there are five designs in total.

5 types of smartphone designs

Therefore, everyone who purchased even one product this time will receive all 5 kinds of stickers of design!

5 stickers

I send it with the product.

Because it will be a campaign only this time, everyone by all means, thank you♡