What is the model of PERSIAN ART GALLERY?

What kind of image do you have when you hear "Iran"?

One of the most famous attractions of Iran is the mosque, etc."Persian architecture"I think there are many people who think of.

Therefore, at PERSIAN ART GALLERY, you can feel the beauty of Iran with familiar things.The design is created by sampling the Persian tile art applied to existing buildings such as mosques.


This time, we will introduce 10 buildings that were actually used for the design.

Please use it as a reference when deciding on a design.

1. Nasir Ol Molk Mosque

Nasirol Mork Mosque

Iran's ancient city,ShirazIt is inNasirol Mork Mosque(Commonly known as Pink Mosque) is also famous for being the most popular photogenic spot in Iran, and it is an absolutely indispensable spot for traveling to Iran! ..

Nasir ol Molk Mosque --Shiraz, Iran

The sight of the rising sun shining through the colorful stained glass is truly fantastic.

light will someday split you open….

Shiraz with this mosque"City of roses"Known as, Nasirol Mork has a lot of tile art with a rose motif.

Shiraz --Nasir-ol-Molk 12

Iran-Shiraz-Nasir-ol-molk Mosque

This time, I sampled the tile art colored with roses from the Nashirol Mork Mosque.

It's a spot full of colorful art, and you'll want to go there again and again when you go to Iran.♡


2. Golestan Palace

Gorestan Palace


Golestan Palace (Golestan Palace) is the capital of IranTehranIt was used as a palace for the king in the 19th century and is now a museum.

Gorestan Palace is truly a palace, and it's gorgeous!

In fact, this palace is also a symbol of Iran's slightly dark history, where the king at that time (about 200 years ago) built a luxurious palace with the money that sold Iran's oil and other interests to the European powers ... ..

Although it is such a Gorestan Palace, various tile arts are applied to the walls of the building, and you can enjoy various patterns of art while going around the courtyard.♪

Golestan Palace

Golestan Palace

Golestan Palace

Tehran, where the Gorestan Palace is located, is the capital of Iran.An energetic city with a very large populationSo it is highly recommended as a travel destination♡ 


3. Jameh Mosque of Yazd

Yazd Jameh Mosque

The city of Yazd, where this mosque is located, has a very long history.The entire old town is registered as a World Heritage Site(!) Is a very popular city for tourists.


The Jameh Mosque, located in the middle of the city of Yazd, isMinaret over 50 metersIt features (a chimney-like part).

You can see it from anywhere in the city, so it's just like a symbol of the city!

Jameh Mosque, Yazd, Iran

InsideColorful turquoise tile artIs given, and its beauty is like washing your heart.

Jameh Mosque, Yazd, Iran

It is a mosque that is loved by so many people as a tourist spot and above all as a base of faith for the local people.♪



4. Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

Sheikh Rotfoller MosqueIsfahan, the ancient cityIt is one of the most famous mosques in Iran in.

There is this mosqueImam SquareProspered as the center of the Abbasid dynasty at that time about 400 years ago, and was said to be "Isfahan is half the world."

Naqsh-e Jahan Square at night

The Sheikh Rotfoller Mosque built in Imam Square isA mosque that is just like a concentrated Persian culture and artAnd its beauty is truly breathtaking.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

Iro. Empress Seishinji Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

It is no exaggeration to say that this is Persian architecture, and it is a mosque that is synonymous with Iranian mosques.

In addition, although this Imam Square is a World Heritage Site, it is also loved as a place for citizens to relax, and on holidays it is a great picnic spot for locals.♪

Esfahan. Naqsh e Jahan (Imam) Square



5. Imamzade Hossein Shrine

KazvinImamza de Hossein Shrine in the city is a mausoleum with very nice tile art, although it is less well known than the four spots so far.

QAZVIN --Immamzade Hossein

The inside is decorated with gingiragin mirror tiles, but this is actually the interior of a mausoleum that is very popular in Iran.

Shazde Hossein --Qazvin

However, the tile art based on yellow and green, which was the basis of the design of this smartphone case, is a rare pattern.It's hard to see even in Iran.

 Qazvin --Immamzadeh-ye Hoseyn

Kazvin is not a city that you would easily travel to, but this mosque is worth a visit, so if you have a chance, please visit it.♪


6. Shah Cheragh Shrine

Shah Cheragh Shrine in Shiraz is enshrined by Ahmad Ibn Moses, who was called the "King of Light", and the inside of the building is covered with a mosaic of mirrors, making you feel like you are in a kaleidoscope world. !! 

Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine (Shah-e-Cheragh Mausoleum), Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran

In addition to mirroring, the inner and outer walls are adorned with colorful tile art, making it a spot where you can fully enjoy Persian architecture and art.

Iran 2017 --Shiraz

Shrine of Shah Cheragh

It is also popular as a tourist spot, but let's enjoy it after recognizing it as a religious facility.♪


7. Tomb of Hafez


Persian poetry that has been loved by people all over the world for over 1000 years, representing Persian culture as well as architecture.

This Hafez Mausoleum is the mausoleum where Hafez, one of Iran's most beloved poets, sleeps.

Tomb of Hafez

Beautiful geometric tile art is applied to the inside of the dome, which was built to protect the casket in the vibrant garden, and it seems that the mysterious lyric of Hafez is in charge.

Tomb of Hafez ceiling


8. Tomb of Saadi


Saadi Mausoleum, along with Feldousi and Hafez, is the mausoleum where Saadi, one of Iran's most beloved poets, sleeps.

Tomb of Saadi, Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran

The Saadi Mausoleum, which is a flower that symbolizes the Shiraz who played an active part in Saadi and is studded with tile art with a rose motif, which is also the title of his masterpiece "Gollestan (Gulistan)", truly symbolizes the culture of Shiraz. It is a spot to do.

The flower garden and the poet



9. Shah Mosque

Located south of Imam Square in Isfahan, the Shah Mosque (also known as Imam Mosque) is truly the culmination of Persian architecture and art.

Shah Mosque, Isfahan, Iran

The delicate blue-based tile art packed into magnificent architecture is truly breathtaking.

Shah Mosque, Isfahan, Iran



10. Borujerdi House


Located just south of Tehran, the Borgerdi House in Kashan is the residence of the great merchant Borgerdi, built in the 19th century.

Borujerdis' House, Kashan, Iran --کاشان, ایران, خانه بروجردی ‌ها

The highlight of this mansion, which cannot be thought of as a merchant's mansion, is the dome-shaped ceiling. One of the most beautiful buildings in Iran is the architecture that will draw you into the world just by looking at it.

Borujerdi House


in conclusion

The above 10 spots were the original spots for the design of PERSIAN ART GALLERY this time.♪

The mosque in Iran is really nice, and it's best to go there and feel it with your own skin, but it may not be easy to actually go there during this time.

That's not the reason, but I hope you can feel Persian art as close as possible through the products of PERISIAN TAG.