[June limited SALE!] Persian Art Gallery T-shirt now on sale!


Today is a new product announcement.♪

We will start selling Persian Art Gallery series T-shirts that sample Persian tile art, which is currently being developed as a smartphone case!

At the launch of the product,Campaign of 500 yen OFF in JuneI also do, so why don't you take this opportunity to do one ^ ^


There are 5 types of designs!

Like the smartphone case, there are 5 types of designs.

(1) Nasiolol Mork Mosque


(2) Golestan Palace 


(3) Jarme Mosque in Yazd


(4) Sheikh Lotfoler Mosque


(5) Imamzadé Hossein Schlein


"Shut up and Feel Persia", which is also the catchphrase of the shop, is placed on the front. Iran is a country with a bad impression, so it is said a lot,"Shut up and feel Persia for now!" 」I mean.♪


Design that blends into the moist fabric

The design itself is quite flashy, but because the ink called inkjet printing has a printing method that is easy to see into the fabric,The design is easy to wear and blend in with the fabric with a good feeling♪


It might be good to wear it a little larger!

A larger design is placed on the back.If you wear a slightly larger size loosely, you can taste it ◎

The size is S/M/L/XL for both sexes.

The wearing image in each size is also posted on each product page, so please refer to it.


SoThis pageYou can fly to the Persian Art Gallery T-shirt page from , so please enjoy shopping ^^

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