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PERSIAN TAG sells original items based on Iranian art and culture, as well as handcrafted products that are popular in Iran.

On this page, we will introduce what kind of shop PORSIAN TAG is.

What is a PERSIAN TAG?

PERSIA for PERSIAN TAG(Persia) is a country in the Middle East, Iran.

Iran's original history and culture have been nurtured since ancient times, and they are still loved by many people around the world.

PERSIAN TAG TAG(Tag) is a tag to accompany when sending a package.

In other words, a Persian tag means "sent from Persia (Iran)."

Why Iran?

I like Iran very much as a travel destination, but when I say "I like Iran" to my people, not only Japanese people but also people all over the world"Is iran okay to go?" It's not dangerous, is it? 」It is often said.

In fact, there is a lot of news to hear the word "Iran" in everyday life, and most of the news is negative."Iran = a Dangerous Country"I think that there are many people who have an image.

Of course, political and international relations are unstable, so it is not dangerous, but at the same timeIran is a very beautiful countryIt is also.

However, it is not so easy to actually travel to Iran and enjoy its beauty. (Besides Iran, there are many other attractive countries to travel to!) )

That's why smartphone cases, accessories, home goods, etc.If we can provide you with an opportunity to feel the beauty of Iran through familiar itemsI thought, I launched this shop.


- Persian Art Gallery

Persian Art Gallery

Speaking of the charm of Iran, one of the first things that comes to mind isThe breathtaking beauty of Persian architecture such as mosques.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque


Decorated with traditional tile art, the structure is loved by people all over the world, even if the situation is never goodEvery year, many people come to Iran to experience its beauty.

Nasir ol Molk Mosque - Shiraz Iran


The Persian Art Gallery uses a sampling of tile art from Iranian mosques and other items, such as smartphone cases and T-shirts.

Because it is a time when you can not travel casually due to the situation and the spread of infectious diseases worldwide,Why don't you feel Persia with familiar things?

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- feat. Persia

feat. persia

feat. Persiais a collaboration line between the work of iranian designers and PERSIAN TAG.

In addition to the government's long-established restrictions on the dissemination of information, Iran hasHit by an unprecedented economic downturn, economic activity in Iran is highly restricted compared to other countries such as Japan.

In the middle of that"I want Japan to be a place where Iranian designers can play an active role without any doubt."Based on the thought of PERSIAN TAG, I started.


feat. Persia will continue to support designers' further activities by returning a portion of the sales of designers living in Iran each time they purchase products.

feat. As for Persia,This articleHowever, I introduce it in detail, so I hope that you can see it when you have time.

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Iran has built a history of thousands of years since the time of the world's oldest civilization, the Mesopotamian civilization, among which many traditional arts and crafts were created and are still loved around the world.

Practical and perfect for everyday life, Iranian crafts are perfect for everyday life.

We will deliver such traditional Iranian crafts from Iran.

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Represent Iran

Iran tends to place a lot of weight on traditional art and culture, and hundreds of years after they were created, they are still loved by so many people.

We take traditional calligraphy and pattern art to match the present day and deliver the coolest and most beautiful products from Iranian creators.




We hope that we can make your daily life even a little happier through the products of PERSIAN TAG.

Kenichi Sugimori