Android users

Android users

Currently, the case type corresponding to the Android model is simple caseNotebook type case.

Please confirm the correspondence model of the simple case from below.

The printable range of the simple case varies depending on the type. Basically, it is an image of printing on the flat part.

Printable range

If you are concerned about the printing range of your model, pleaseInquiry form of this shopPlease contact us.

In rare cases, the base color of the case may become clear based on the stock of the case, or it may be ready for the corresponding model. I will contact you from here. Please understand.

A simple case for a simple case

Android one series
Android one
Android one S6
Android one 507 sh
Android one S3
Android one S4
Android one S5
Android one
Android one x2
Android one x3
Android one X 4
Android one X5

Aquos series
Aquos sense 5g / sense
Aquos r5g sh-51a / shg01
Aquos compact sh-02 H / XX 2 Mini 503 sh
Aquos crust x402sh / Y 402sh
Aquos crist2403 SH / y 2403 sh
Aquos EVA sh-02j
Aquos EVA sh-04g
Aquos phone ex sh-02f
Aquos phone Serie Mini SHL 24
Aquos phone Serie SHL 22
Aquos phone Serie SHL 23
Aquos phone
AXX phone XX Mini 303 sh
Zoos sh-01f
Zoos sh-06e
Aquos r compact shv41 / sh-m06
Aquos R sh-03j / SHV 39 / 604 SH / 605 sh
Aquos R2 compact 803 SH / sh-m09
Aquos r2sh-03k / shv42 / 706sh
Aquos r3sh-04l / shv44 / 808sh
Aquos sense basic 7070sh
Aquos sense plus sh-m07
Aquos sense sh-01k / shv40 / Lite sh-m05
Aquos sense 2 sh-01l / shv43 / sh-m08
Aquos sense 3 plus sh-rm11 / sense 3 plus
Aquos sense 3sh-02m / shv45 / Lite sh-rm-12
Aquos sense 3 basic
Aquos Serie Mini shv31
Aquos Serie Mini shv33 / mini sh-m03
Aquos Serie Mini SHV 38 / XX 3 Mini 603 sh
Aquos Serie SHL 25
Aquos Serie SHV 32
Aquos u SHV 35
Aquos XX 430sh
Aquos XX 404 SH / y 404
Aquos zero 801 SH / sh-m10
Aquos zero 2sh-01m / SHV 47
Aquos zeta sh-01g / sh-02g
Aquos zeta sh-01 H / XX 2502 sh
Aquos zeta sh-03g
Aquos zeta sh-04f
Aquos zeta sh-04 H / Serie SHV 34 / XX 3506 sh

Xperia series
Xperia 5
Xperia1 1 so-51a A / sog01
Xperia 10 II so-41a / sov43
Xperia1 1so-03l / SOV 40
Xperia5so-01m / sov41 / 901 so
Xperia8 sov42 / 902 so
Xperia a so 04e
Xperia a2so-04f
Xperia a4so-04g
Xperia ace so-02l
Xperia x compact so-02 J
Xperia x performance
Xperia XZ premium
Xperia XZ so-01 J / SOV 34 / 601 so
Xperia xz1 compact so-02k
Xperia xz1so-01 K / SOV 36 / 701 so
Xperia xz2 compact
Xperia xz2 premium so-04k / SOV 38
Xperia xz2so-03k / sov37 / 7070so
Xperia xz3so-01l / SOV 39
Xperia XZS so-03j / sov35 / 602 so
Xperia Z ultra sol 24
Xperia z1so-01f / sol 23
Xperia z1f so-02f
Xperia z2so-03f
Xperia Z3 compact so-02g
Xperia z3so-01g / sol 26 / 401so
Xperia z4so-03g / sov31 / 402 so
Xperia Z5 compact so-02h
Xperia Z5 premium so-03h
Xperia z5so-01h / sov32 / 501 so

Galaxy series
Galaxy S20 + sc-52a / SCG 02
Galaxy s20sc-51a / scg01
Galaxy note 20 ultra 5g sc-53a
Galaxy A20 sc-02m / scv46
Galaxy A21
Galaxy a30scv43
Galaxy A41 sc-41a / scv48
Galaxy A51
Galaxy A7 sm-a750c
Galaxy A8 scv32
Galactic active Neo SC 01 H
Galaxy feel sc-04j
Galaxy fe2sc-02l
Galaxy J sc-02f
Galaxy note edge sc-01g / SCL 24
Galaxy note 10 + sc-01m / SCV 45
Galaxy note 8sc-01k / scv37
Galaxy note 9sc-01l / SCV 40
Galaxy s10sc-03l / scv41
Galaxy S10 + sc-04l / scv42 / S10 +
Galaxy S4 sc-04e
Galaxy S5 sc-04f
Galaxy s5scl 23
Galaxy S6 edge sc-04g / scv31 / 404 SC
Galaxy s6sc-05g
Galaxy S7 edge sc-02h / scv33
Galaxy S8 plus sc-03j / SCV 35
Galaxy s8sc-02j / SCV 36
Galaxy S9 plus sc-03k / SCV 39
Galaxy s9sc-02k / SCV 38
Galaxy siiii sc-03e
Galaxy siiii sc-06d

Google pixel series
Google pixel3
Google pixel3xl
Google Pixar 3A
Google pixel3a XL
Google pixiv 4
Google pixel4xl
Google pixel 4A
Google pixel4a (5g)
Google pix5

Arrows series
Hidden RX
5g f-51a
Ignore be4f-41a
Divide by F
Ignore be3f-02l / bz01 / M359
Circular fit F-01 H
Arrow nx f-01f
Bing Web: nx
Bing Web: nx
AWS nx f-02g
Hen nx f-02h
AWS nx f-04g
Arrow nx f-05f
AWS nx f-06e
Ares SV f-03h / M03 / M04 / be f-05j
Draws U / J
Arrow Z

Huwae series
Huawei nova5t
Huawei mate 10 Pro 703 HW
Huawei mate 20 Pro lya-l09 / lya-l29
Huawei Nova
Huawei Nova Lite 2704 HW
Huawei Nova Lite 3
Huawei P10
Huawei P10 Lite
Huwai P20 Lite hwv 32
Huawee P20 Pro hw-01 K
Huaee P30 LITE / P30 Lite premium hwv 33
Huaee P30 Pro hw-02l
Huawei P9
Huaee P9 Lite

Digno series
Digno C 404 KC
Digno f503 KC / e503 KC
Digno j704 KC
Digno rafre kyv 36
Digno t302 KC

FreeTel priori 3S LTE
FreeTel Samurai Miyabi (ftj152c)

HTC 10 hv32
HTC u11hv33 / 601 HT
HTC U11 life

ISAI FL lgl24 / VL LGV 31
ISAI vivid LGV 32

LG G7 one
LG it LGV 36
LG K50
LG style L
LG style 2l-01l
LG style 3l-41a

Nexus 5em01 L
Nexus 5x
Nexus 6
Nexus 6p

Qua phoneSeries
Quad phone kyv37
Honda phone PX LGV 33

Urbano V01 kyv31
Urbano V02 kyv34
Urbano V03 kyv 38
Urbano V04 kyv 45

Zenfon2ze551 ml
Zenfone 500 KL

Basio4 kyv 47

Oppo A5 2020
Oppo renoa
Oppo reno3 5g
Oppo reno3a

Bing Web: ZTE / mono
Libero S10
Mono mo-01 J
Mono mo-01 K

Disney mobile on DoCoMo dm-02 H
Sony Walkman nw-a16 / A17
Spray 402 LG
Stream S302 HW
G02 kyv 35
Kanmasima 705 KC
2H 10001 KC
Simplest mahog
4704 SH / 707sh
4f-04j smart phone
Smart phone me f-01l / f-42a
I love smart phone
Rakunten Mini

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