Features by case type

Case type list

You can choose the case type from the four types in the image above.

  • Grip case
  • Square case
  • Simple case
  • Notebook type case

Now, let's take a look at the features of each type, along with photos of actual finished samples!

Grip case: Easy to hold and strong against impact.

A grip case featuring a curved body that fits comfortably in the hand.

The surrounding TPU rubber protects the main body from impacts such as dropping.

The printing is high-definition UV inkjet printing, and the color is crisp and good.

There is also a strap hole at the bottom right!


The front of the grip case.

It's rugged compared to other cases, but it protects your important smartphone from shocks.

Right side of grip case ↓


Left side of grip case ↓

Bottom of grip case ↓

Grip case top surface.
The edges are slightly raised, making it difficult for the screen to touch the ground directly.

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Square case: Stylish shape.

A square case with a stylish shape.

Tempered glass with a surface strength of 9H is pasted on the printed surface, giving it a calm and luxurious feel.

Tempered glass is made by a safe Japanese manufacturer (made by AGC).


Front of square case ↓


The right side of the square case.

With a nice strap hole at the bottom!


Left side of square case ↓


Bottom of square case ↓


Square case top ↓

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Simple case: More than 100 compatible models!

This simple case, the most popular form, is compatible with over 100 models!

The finish of this print is almost the same as the grip case, and it is printed crisply and vividly.

However, please note that there is no printing on the back edge.

The base color of the case is black.


Simple case front part ↓


Simple case right side ↓

Simple case left side ↓


Simple case bottom ↓


Simple case top ↓

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Notebook type case: 8 pockets for storage capacity ◎

A notebook type case with PERSIAN ART GALLERY tile art on both sides.

The band uses a magnet with a weak magnetic force that does not easily affect the smartphone body or IC card.

Notebook type case


There are 8 pockets on the inside, which makes it easy to store.

Notebook type case

Since the smartphone body is attached to the adhesive sheet, it can be used regardless of the model.♪

Notebook type case

Notebook type case

For detailed functions and sizes (3 types of S / M / L) related to the notebook type case,This articlePlease check it as it is introduced in.

■ I started a notebook type case♪

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This concludes the introduction of the case type.


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