on delivery date and delivery

Number of days before delivery

The smartphone case in this series is designed to enable you to respond to the design and model of each individual's choice.Full order productionin the process of production.

For this reason, please note that the order is usually delivered within one to two weeks.

Approximately five to seven days of payment completion (except for Saturday and Saturday) will be shipped, and will be delivered on the next day or the next day.(There may be a few more time for the ship to be delivered by the region, such as an isolated island.)

When the availability of the order is about to be shipped before or after the time of shipment.Please note that you will be contacted by email at that time.

About shipping and shipping

The shipping method will be available for the delivery of the "Crickpost" or "Puck Pack" by the Japanese Post.

[Clique Post]
Shipping charge: 300 yen per uniform of the national uniform
Delivery method: mail-order delivery
Tracking Number: Send via email

[yu Pack]
Shipping charge: 1,000 yen per uniform
Delivery Method: Pass
Tracking: Sent via Mail

Purchase orders of 5,000 yen or more are still available.Free Shipping Serviceis available for selection.
The free shipping service is basically sent in a click post.
In the case of a size (*) that cannot be sent in a click post, it will be sent in a packed pack (free shipping).
* 2 × 332mm x 226mm x depth of 226mm or more

About Overseas Delivery

Overseas delivery will be sent to you at the following time.

[International Epackets]
Shipping: 1,000 yen
Shipping method: Airmail
Track: Can be in some countries

* The number of days allowed by the country will be changed, so the details will be changed.Japan Post websiteLearn more.

I'm sorry to you, but because of the effects of the spread of the new coronavirus, the acceptance of international mail has been suspended temporarily, and the overseas shipment has been temporarily suspended.

Please accept.