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Currently, Persian Tag is looking for Iranian designers and artists.

More details are as follows.

About Persian Tag

Persian Tag is an online store located in Japan set up by a Japanese lover of Iran.

Unfortunately, many Japanese, because of political and international issues, have the impression that a country called Iran is "a dangerous country."

However, when you travel to Iran, you are impressed by the kindness of the Iranian people and the beauty of art and architecture that have arisen since ancient times. And I personally fell in love with Iran by seeing the beauty of Iran in my own eyes.

However, going to Iran is not easy and easy for many Japanese. (Especially now that there's a corona problem.)

For this reason, I thought about transferring the beauty of Iran to the Japanese people through products such as phone covers, handbags, T-shirts, etc. designed by dear Iranian artists by Persian Tag.

The primary item of this site is the cover of mobile phones, which is derived from the design of Iranian mosques. And now, I'm looking for Iranian designers and artists to show the wonders of Iran to the Japanese people in different ways.  



Cooperation Details

We print and sell designs and works designed by designers on products such as phone covers, bags, clothing, etc.

Basically, the original design of dear designers is not amended. (We will consult if we need to reform.)

Steps to do:

1. Send a collection of usable works and designs or printed by The Designer
2. Reviewing artists' works
3. Send selected design data (jpeg, ai, psd, etc.) by designer
4. Transferring the effect on the final product
5. Sending the product to the designer, final approval, product production and sales

Please keep in mind that the names of dear designers and artists in the introduction of the product will be published as "Design from Mr./Mrs___", along with the introduction of the designer on the site. Therefore, we will ask friends whose works have been selected to send us a short personal introduction and work experience.



The reward amount of dear artists is 10% of the sales of the desired product.

For example, the price of a mobile cover is about $30, so we will pay $3 as a bonus (wage) for each sale.

The amount paid to the account of the person in Question will be deposited monthly in Iran.

Since this is the first time such a business has been done at this level, it is difficult to predict the amount of sales and subsequently rewards. But, nevertheless, we hope you'll join us to cooperate.


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Currently only available in Japanese.


Sales Schedule

2 to 3 weeks after sending data by designer

If you have any questions, please contact us.



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