Garamkar / 60x60cm / 2010_6060_05

Garamkar / 60x60cm / 2010_6060_05

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Product description

It is Garamkar (Persian sarasa) of the traditional craft of Isfahan.

After carefully applying a Persian pattern to 100% cotton fabric, it is a cloth product that firmly settles the ink and can be used for tablecloths etc.

All are handmade items, so please find your favorite pattern by all means♪

This blog postSo, we also explain the manufacturing process of Garamkar, so please refer to it.


Size: 60cm x 60cm
Material: 100% cotton
Origin: Isfahan, Iran
Washing: Possible (no bleach. We recommend washing in the net. )


・ Depending on the monitor, there is a case to be slightly different from the actual color taste.

・ Because it is a handmade product, there is a case that there is an error of several cm in the finish size.

・ Due to the manufacturing method, there is a case where ink jumps and bleeds as shown in the following photo. Please note that return exchange for this reason is not possible.

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