Hartamkly / Hexagon / 2012_hx05
Hartamkly / Hexagon / 2012_hx05
Hartamkly / Hexagon / 2012_hx05

Hartamkly / Hexagon / 2012_hx05

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Heartham curly, a traditional craft made in Isfahan and Shiraz.

A very popular traditional craft in Iran, made by fitting wood, camel bones, shells, brass, etc. into a wooden frame. You can use it as a jewelry box or accessory case.

The top is also decorated with Iranian traditional craft miniature-style paintings, with velor on the inside.

Regarding Heartham Curly,This pagePlease have a look, as we have introduced in detail in.

The item list of Heartham Curly isHere。 


Size (outer dimensions): W115mm x D100mm x H55mm
Size (inner size): W95mm x D85mm x H40mm
Manufacture: Isfahan, Iran


・ Depending on the monitor, the actual color may differ slightly.

・ Because it is a handmade product from Iran, there may be an error of several cm in the finished size. There are also small scratches and chips. Including it, please enjoy it as a handmade craft.


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