Aftabeh Necklace / ネックレス - PERSIAN TAG
Aftabeh Necklace / ネックレス - PERSIAN TAG
Aftabeh Necklace / ネックレス - PERSIAN TAG
Aftabeh Necklace / ネックレス - PERSIAN TAG
Aftabeh Necklace / Necklace

Aftabeh Necklace / Necklace

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Product description

Mahrooz Beladi's items, loved by Iranians and Iranian lovers around the world, are humorously blended into pop accessories that are familiar to life in Iran.

Aftabe is an indispensable part of Iran's history.


Akhtabe was like a so-called water trough, and when there was no running water yet, people were living by drawing well water in Akhtabe.

In Addition, in Iran, after excretion, the buttocks are washed with water without using paper, so after the water supply was maintained, Aftabe was an indispensable part of life in Iran. (Showers are currently installed instead of aftabe, so they are not used in most homes.) )

It is a dish full of humor that transformed such an aftabe into a very cute accessory.

It is the item that the Iranian receives best.

Handmade in Iran.


Size: W40mm x H38mm x D21mm (necklace length 60cm)
Material: Bronze, enamel



・ Depending on the monitor, there is a case to be slightly different from the actual color taste.
・ Because it is a handmade product, there is a case that there is an error of several mm in the finish size.
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