Bastani Bracelet / ブレスレット - PERSIAN TAG
Bastani Bracelet / ブレスレット - PERSIAN TAG

Bastani Bracelet/Breathlet

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Product Description

loved by Iranian and Iranian people around the world who have dropped their lives and familiar items in Iran into a pop-like accessoryItem for Mahrooz Beladi.

Meehan's twin ice, which has been loved by many people for many years in Iran.

He's with his family at home.

I was with my friends on my way home.

You're with my girlfriend in the park.

This is the twin ice in many of the important memories of the Iranian people.

It's a humorous piece of humor that transformed such a twin ice into a cute accessory.

It's a good Iranian item for the best.

Handmade in Iran.



Size: W32mm x H20mm x D10mm
The length of the string is adjustable.
Materials: Bronze, enamel



As a result of monitoring, it may be slightly different from the actual color.
Due to the hand-made goods, there may be a few millimeters of errors in the finish size.
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