Mina Bowl_L_02_AVA / Bowl (L)
Mina Bowl_L_02_AVA / Bowl (L)
Mina Kari Bowl_L_02_AVA / ボウル(L) - PERSIAN TAG
Mina Bowl_L_02_AVA / Bowl (L)
Mina Bowl_L_02_AVA / Bowl (L)

Mina Bowl_L_02_AVA / Bowl (L)

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Product description

Mina Curry is a traditional Iranian craft that paints beautiful patterns with enamel on pottery.

A bowl of very pop and cute Mina Curry arrived from AVA GALLERY, a popular Iranian mina curry manufacturer.

Because it is a large plate with a diameter of 26 cm, there are various applications such as small items on the living table, sweets storage, hospitality plates for visitors, etc.

The enamel part is firmly baked, so there is no worry that it can be shaved off in some cases.

It is safe because it can be washed with detergent like a dishware even if it gets dirty.


Just putting it on the table may make your daily life gorgeous.

Handmade in Iran.



Size: W260mm x H60mm x D260mm
Material:Pottery, enamel



・We do not sell tableware, so please do not put things that can be put directly in your mouth.
・ Depending on the monitor, there is a case to be slightly different from the actual color taste.
・ Because it is a handmade product, there is a case that there is an error of several mm in the finish size.
・ If you have any other questions,Inquiry form of this shopPlease contact us more.


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