手帳型ケース / Nasir Ol Molk Mosque - PERSIAN TAG
手帳型ケース / Nasir Ol Molk Mosque - PERSIAN TAG

Flip case / Nasir ol molk Mosque

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Nasir ol molk Mosque

Light will someday split you open .

It is a sampling from the tile art of nasirol morque mosque in the Rose City Shiraz.

Nasir al Mulk mosque, Shiraz, Les Province, Iran

The design which is colored with the symbol of the symbol of the rose flower with a vivid and exciting color will bring the life to the usual lifestyle.

Introduction of Persian Art GalleryHere & nowMore details.

Characteristics of notebook case

Features 8 in pocket

Card storage

Card pocket x 6, inside pocket x 2, 8 pockets, can store IC cards or small banknotes.

Compatible with various models including Android!

Mounting case

It is a type that attaches sumaho to the sticky gel seal and corresponds to various types of Smurfs regardless of camera position. If the case is folded, it is possible to carry out the photograph taking.

Adhesive gel seal is redetachable tape so you can replace it again and again.

When it gets dirty, the adhesive power returns by washing.

* camera and fingerprint recognition may be interfered with the sticky gel seal. If you are unsure if your model is applicable, please contact us in advance.

Shrink leather style push processing.

Inside case

Inside the pocketbook is a material of shaded leather style press processing, and the quality feeling drifts.

The belt part is equipped with a weak magnet and easy to open and close.


AndAn articleFor details, please refer to the features of the notebook type case.



Main body: synthetic leather (PVC)
Adhesive part: silicon material

Recommended size

List of pocketbook cases

Please select the size of the above image to suit the sumaho.
The size of the sumaho body may be less than 15mm in length and 7mm in width, even if the thickness is 10 mm or more, it may not be difficult to fit in the size of 10 mm.

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For this reason, we will give you more than 1 or 2 weeks until you reach your hand.

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Delivery method

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* those whose width is 332 mm


Camera and fingerprint recognition may be interfered with sticky gel seal. If you are uneasy, please contact us beforehand.
In the relation of printing method, there may be a crack in the printing part of the bent part.
Depending on the monitor, the color may change slightly.
Depending on the case size, the design of the surroundings may change slightly.
If you have any other detailsInquiry form of this shopPlease contact us more.

light will someday split you open….


Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran


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スマホケース / アパレル製品(ホワイト地)








 ※横332mm × 縦226mm × 深さ24mm以上のもの