手帳型ケース / Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque - PERSIAN TAG
手帳型ケース / Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque - PERSIAN TAG

Flip case / Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

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Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

Sampling the tile art inside the dome of the Sheikh Rotfoller Mosque in Imam Square, a World Heritage Site that the ancient city of Isfahan is proud of.

Ispahan --mosquée du sheikh Lotfollâh

The blue-based botanical design, geometric patterns, and Qur'an verses on this Iran's most famous mosque are truly synonymous with Persian art.

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Features of the notebook type case

Functionality with a total of 8 pockets ◎

Card storage

Eight pockets, 6 card pockets and 2 inner pockets, can store IC cards and small banknotes.

Compatible with various models including Android!

When the case is attached

A type that attaches a smartphone to an adhesive gel sticker, and is compatible with various types of smartphones regardless of the camera position. If you fold the case, you can take a picture while wearing it.

Since the adhesive gel seal is a removable tape, it can be reattached as many times as you like.

When it gets dirty, wash it with water to restore its adhesive strength.

* Models with a camera or fingerprint authentication in the middle of the back of the smartphone may interfere with the adhesive gel sticker. If you are uncertain whether your model is compatible, please contact us in advance.

Shrink leather-like embossing with a high-quality feel.

Inside the case

The inside of the notebook is made of shrink leather-like embossed material, giving it a high-quality feel.

The belt part is equipped with a weak magnet, making it easy to open and close.


Also,This articleFor more information on the features of the notebook type case, please read it for your reference.



Body: Synthetic leather (PVC)
Adhesive part: Silicon material

Recommended size

Notebook type case size list

・ Use the above image as a guide to select the size that suits your smartphone.
・ Even if the size of the smartphone body is within 152 mm in length and 77 mm in width, it may be difficult to fit in an M size gusset if the thickness is 10 mm or more.

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* Width 332 mm x Length 226 mm x Depth 24 mm or more


・ Models with a camera or fingerprint authentication in the middle of the back of the smartphone may interfere with the adhesive gel sticker. If you are uncertain, please contact us in advance.
-Due to the printing method, cracks may occur in the printed part of the folded part.
・ The color may change slightly depending on the monitor.
・ Depending on the case size, the way the surrounding design is cut may change slightly.
・ If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.Inquiry form for this shopPlease contact us.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque


Ispahan - mosquée du sheikh Lotfollâh


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 ※横332mm × 縦226mm × 深さ24mm以上のもの