Persian Tablecloth_100x100_01 / Tablecloth
Persian Tablecloth_100x100_01 / Tablecloth
Persian Tablecloth_100x100_01 / テーブルクロス - PERSIAN TAG

Persian Tablecloth_100x100_01 / Tablecloth

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Product description

A tablecloth designed by Kashi Kari, one of Iran's most famous art.

The surface is made of velvet fabric for a sense of luxury and is perfect for table accents.

The lining is also satin-pasted, and the durability is ◎

It can be washed in the washing machine. (Recommended use of laundry net)


Size: W100cm x H100cm
Surface: Velvet fabric (100% polyester)
Back side: Satin fabric(100% polyester)



・ Depending on the monitor, there is a case to be slightly different from the actual color taste.
・ Due to the convenience of the manufacturing method, there is a case where there is an error of several cm in the finish size. Please understand.
・Because of the connection of folding and sending, folding wrinkles can be seen on arrival, so if you are concerned, please take wrinkles with an iron (recommended for applying cloth) and use it.
・ If you have any other questions,Inquiry form of this shopPlease contact us more.


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Delivery method

We will deliver by "clip post" or "Yu pack" of Japan Post.
You can choose at the time of the order procedure.

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