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Simple Case / Shah Cheragh Shrine

Simple Case / Shah Cheragh Shrine

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Shah Cheragh Shrine

Shrine of Shah Cheragh

Shah Cheragh Shrine, which enshrines Ahmad Ibn Moses, who was called the "King of Light," is like the world inside a kaleidoscope, with the interior of the building covered with a mosaic of mirrors.

Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine (Shah-e-Cheragh Mausoleum), Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran

The outer walls are adorned with colorful tile art, which seems to be a condensed version of Persian architecture and art.

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-Vivid color development by high-definition UV inkjet printing.

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Case body: Polycarbonate

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Widely compatible with iPhone and Android series.

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* Width 332 mm x Length 226 mm x Depth 24 mm or more


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Shrine of Shah Cheragh


Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine (Shah-e-Cheragh Mausoleum), Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran


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 ※横332mm × 縦226mm × 深さ24mm以上のもの