Square Case / Shah Mosque
Square Case / Shah Mosque

Square Case / Shah Mosque

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The Shah Mosque (aka Imam Mosque), located south of Imam Square in Isfahan, is a mosque that can be described as a collection of Persian architecture and art.


The delicate tile art, based on blue, packed with magnificent architecture, is a breathtaking beauty.

Your introduction to each model of the Persian Art Gallery is:This page.Now, I'll look at it more closely.

square case feature

• Vivid coloration by high-definition UV inkjet printing.

• Stylish square type.

• On the back of the printing surface, a glass made of AGC is made and a luxury is made.

• Reinforced glass is made by AGC, a major Japanese glass manufacturer. It is hard to crack at 9H surface strength.(1)

• TPU levers around the case protect against impacts such as falls.

• Straphole (right and bottom).

More about the case type and the finishing"Features by case type."Look more closely at the page of the book.

Although it is a glassware, it is a glassware, so it is a fear of cracking and swallowing due to strong impacts such as fall.grip caseI'll recommend it.


Case cover: Impact-resistant TPU (Urethane Resin)
Case back surface: Reinforced glass finish (surface strength 9H)

corresponding model

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332mm laterally, 226mm longitudinal, and more than 24mm deep

Your attention.

• The image on the book page is a finished image.
• The actual printing finishing image"Features by case type."I'll introduce you to the page of the book, so please see.
• Because the case size varies depending on the model, the way the design is cut around is changed slightly.
• If you have any other unknowns,Inquiry form of this shopPlease contact me more.

Shah Mosque, Isfahan, Iran


Shah Mosque, Isfahan, Iran


※Persian Art Galleryの各モデルのご紹介は、こちらのページにてより詳しくご覧いただけます。

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スマホケース / アパレル製品(ホワイト地)








 ※横332mm × 縦226mm × 深さ24mm以上のもの